Ithink there is not a single definition that can encompass the whole mathematics. It is such a broad term that needs a range of things to be in mind. But the truth is that it has fascinated every curiosity of every age, while has acted as a big challenging task for a majority of students.Since the creation of the Universe, Mathematics is here. From counting gods or God to numbering species, it is Mathematics that is omnipresent.

No sane person can deny the importance of this subject, as it is one of the basics of building a grand building of creative learning. The miraculous brain works in compatibility with the genius of the subject.

From Babylon to Greece to Arab, Mathematics used to be the most loving subject of every philosopher, thinker, religious scholar, etc . because it soothed their nerves. Measuring distances, time taken by Earth and other planets to complete their revolutions, keeping the record of biodiversity, seasonal movements, etc ., used to be under the great influence of mathematics. However, at present, this great subject has become a thing to be hated. In our society, maths is considered a burden to be shed after secondary school education. Short cut ways are adopted to clear this subject somehow. No one is interested in it. Recently, an online news portal of India, Scroll.In, came up with an article that talks about the presence of Trigonometry in Babylonia, thousands years before it was thought by people in Greece. Such kinds of things don't find position in our discourse. Now, let us discuss some of the causes responsible for its complications and taking a backseat in our lives.

The first is syllabi. Our syllabi, which are taught in educational institutions, are incompatible with the needs of society. Being a teacher myself,I have come across many concepts and practical questions in Mathematics that are difficult for a teacher to understand; what to talk of students. A teacher memorizes the question or concept, so that he or she is able to speak in front of the students. Lines and Angles, Trigonometry, Triangles, Surface Areas and Volumes, Calculus, time consuming derivations, assumptions, etc. In this way, the main aim of Maths is thrown to winds.

The second is lack of infrastructure. Classrooms are not designed in such a way to cater the needs of creative or general students. They belong to the ancient period, where oral knowledge used to be the best way to learn. Moreover, proper buildings are not there where mathematical equipment or things are found, so that a student becomes enthusiastic to delve deep into the seas of Maths and come with pearls.

The third is lack of management. In every educational institution, there is race to complete the well-defined syllabi. The managers don't think that it is better to practise more than teach two or three volumes of a single class textbook. In this way, a student is forced to opt for rote learning and the result is that, after teaching for so many years, we have been unable to produce brilliant minds in Maths, barring some great teachers, who crave modernization in this subject.

The fourth is highhandedness of the higher authorities. In our society, those who have nothing to do it, are usually found to be interfering unnecessarily in the affairs of every subject, particularly Maths. Some time back, the Indian Express came up with an editorial regarding the powers of IITs and IIMs, where they discussed the diminishing powers of educational bodies. In this situation, thinking of high class research and compatible maths is a mirage.

The fifth and last is corruption. Corruption has acted as the last nail in the coffin of Maths. Brilliant minds get wasted either due to corruption or political approach. Undeserving students or teachers occupy places that are the possessions of some others. In this way, the greatest damage is done to this subject.

The need of the hour is to ponder over the importance of Maths again and make it compatible with society. Without Maths, no community or nation can think of progressing. Let us, at our individual levels, try to improve the standard of maths and do not become the soft target of hysteria that is found around maths. Hope good sense prevails!

Written By,
Aqib Ahmad
Kashmir University Master's Student

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