Sustainable education is that type of education which is compatible with the needs of students. Education which tries to make the world as peaceful as possible is sustainable education. It is all about producing those students that have the capacity to come out with innovative ideas and solutions.

That education which strives to end poverty, inequality in its all forms, pandemic, communalism, etc. falls in the category of sustainable education. Education that respects unity in diversity is sustainable education  

     This type of education has certain prerequisites. It is not like a bolt from the blue. The first is the essence of education. When the essence of education is known, then it is quite easy to go for sustainable education. When it is clear that real education means to make a productive society, no leniency or complacency is acceptable in this field. Everything is utilized to have sustainable education. For this, human machinery is well-equipped. They have requisite resources at their disposal.  

     The second is growth and development. To achieve these, sustainable education is necessary. Sustainable education will work for the betterment of the basic infrastructure. It will try to count the problems of a country and try its best to find the long-lasting solutions. Every resource of the country is utilized in its best way to grow and develop in the best possible way. Human minds are used to think critically and efficiently for the growth and development of a country or nation. 

      The third is the goal of life. Those countries that have a specific goal in front of their eyes, strive for this type of education. They know that the goal of life is to spread the light of humanity and the best way to do this is to go for sustainable education. Qualities like sympathy, empathy, harmony, brotherhood, etc., can be propagated through sustainable education. To achieve these, they never feel tired and work tirelessly for the best of education. 

       The fourth and last is competition. The country that wants to compete with others in the world, opts for sustainable education. Rather than investing in useless pursuits, the people of that country invest in sustainable education. They want to remain ahead of others. Happiness and health are their targets. It is because when these two things exist in a society, competing with others becomes quite easy. Happiness and health are the main pillars of competition. 

     The need of the hour is sustainable education. Covid-19 pandemic and the current volatility in the global markets have taught us a lesson that sustainability in every department of life has become quite necessary. Wars, ethnic cleansing, concentration of wealth in few hands, etc., have forced people to strive for sustainability particularly in education. Let us hope that all come forward and help in making education sustainable. 

Hajibagh, Budgam

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