Grave Of Desires

Grave Of Desires is a poem written by Huraya Shah - a grade 12 student from Government Girls Higher Secondary Kothibagh Srinagar.
Endings to my right
And survival on left,
Focusing on pretty flowers,
I stood wondering.

Wondering how pretty it was,
Those flowers of death,
Gave me peace of mind,
Observing the beauty of grave.

Grave of desires,
Who prayed on sinistral,
To come out to flowers,
Bright and shine.

Shine in atmosphere,
From kids playing around,
Their innocence of grace,
Made my heart smile.

Smile and prays,
For people on right,
Hoping roots bloom more
More than those petals.

Petals designing to results,
Children practicing the design,
Endings sparkling to left,
While survival waiting for right.
Written By,
Huraya Shah

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