Just Me - Kalima Iqbal

Just Me is a poem written by Kalima Iqbal - a Grade 9th student from Delhi Public School Srinagar.
Is it just me or these chains of expectations
That stops me from running in a meadow 
That stops me from fleeing out off that taunting window 
That stops me from coloring all those whites into blues 
That stops me from counting all those twinkling, silver hues

Is it just me or these burning charcoal eyes 
Which keeps me from tearing down appearances
Which makes me suppress the darkest of thoughts
Which makes my heart pound

Is it just me or the heights I see
Falling in the chasm of my shattered ambitions 
Shattering all those aspirations 
Making me a hoax for them to laugh and see
As they live my life better than me.

Written By,
Kalima Iqbal

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