The Erosion Of Values In Our Society

The erosion of values in our society is a collective mourning for us. Every nation has some values that help it to reach the pinnacles of glory and to remain apart from others. Till today, no nation has consciously or unconsciously, trampled on these to be called a valueless society.
The Erosion Of Values In Our Society
However, in the state of trance, they lose these. And when they lose value, there is no coming back. In our society, values are falling into oblivion or, in other senses, they have taken a back seat.
It is not a one-day affair, rather it is the malaise of many years. A long time before, every nook and corner of the Valley of Kashmir was a centre of values that were worldly admired and followed as well. Kindness, patience, love, forgiveness, integrity, etc ., were our characteristics, but now these are hardly seen. From adults to children, everyone is in the same boat. If this is the case, there must be reasons responsible for this. In the coming lines, let us throw some light on the causes responsible for the erosion of values in our society.
The first is materialism. In the hope of piling more and more, we have lost touch with reality, i.e ., values. Greed for profiteering has made us be machines and not bother about values. Values have some spiritual or religious values. Or we can say it helps in a realised personality. But in today's world, free market economy works. The more you work hard, the more you earn and vice versa. Money brings happiness and comfort. However, values don't fill stomachs, so uncomfortable. In this situation, values lose their status and people who are on the top rung of creation, become living dead.
The second is science and technology. A man's aim of life is comfort. Science and technology is almost valueless. But it still brings happiness. However, incase of values, they always bring pain, though they have far-reaching effects in long run. When life goes tough and you have no cause to live for, you eventually opt science and technology and sacrifice values at the altar of comfort and luxury. When a valueless person can earn a lot of money, why should a valued lover fall in decay.
The third is secular approach. Now, we have become so secular that we think any religion or the code of conduct, whether old or new, is of no value. In the garb of secularism, we have trespassed all the bounds and are living in a liberal zone. The outcome is that everywhere, people are free to do what they want. It has given rise to the negative concept of freedom as well. A driverless vehicle will reach nowhere. The same is the case with us. We are living happily in the secular world, created by our imaginations and are feeling comfortable there.
The fourth is Godless society. We believe that there is no need for God to maintain the balance of the world. It works itself. There is no surveillance.Everyone is created free, by whom whatsoever. Life is about enjoying these moments here and dying, never to rise again. In this situation, values don't matter. Believing in the Hereafter will make us conscious. Every step will be taken carefully. Dealing with others will be in a watchful manner. However, when this thing evaporates from our minds and lives, we suddenly become rudderless and begin to trample the cherished values and the result is chaos and confusion.
The fifth and last is distortion of religions. Every religion teaches a code of conduct, in one way or another. But the so-called champions of religions, manipulate it for personal gain. Rituals and customs are useless if you don't have a pure heart and pure soul. Eyes, ears, tongue, skin, nose, etc ., all organs of our body must be bound by rules and regulations all the time. Rituals are for a particular purpose.However, caring for others and thinking good about others is a real life and a life of values. Religions preach values to make society a liveable place.
So, the need of the hour is to live a life of values. In the present chaos and confusion, humanities or values have a lot of role to play. Frustration and depression will end when we try to live as human beings. Let us resolve that we will try our best to live our lives full of values.

Written By,
Syed Mustafa

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