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  1. Unleashing The Forgotten Artist Within: Rediscovering The Creative Dreams Of Childhood
  2. Breaking The Chains Of Addiction: A Rallying Cry To Reclaim The Beauty Of Kashmir
  3. Don’t Stress Too Much
  4. Men's Mental Health
  5. The Risks of AI : A Concern For The Future
  6. Environmental Pollution; Death Staring us in the Face
  7. Crimes Are On Rise
  8. Scientists discovered a crucial element for life gushing out of Saturn's icy ocean moon
  9. WoodCraft
  10. Nature: The illumination of life.
  11. The Arrival
  12. Move Forward
  13. Wilderness
  14. Desolation
  15. Hirpora Wildlife Sanctuary
  16. Aspartame
  17. UPSC Corner
  18. Word Search
  19. Inspirational Quote
  1. Syed Mustafa Ahmad
  2. Haqnawaz Qayoom
  3. Kalima Iqbal
  4. Injila Shafi
  5. Sadiya Nisar Shah
  6. Briley Lewis
  7. Aamina Hamid
Yemberzal Magazine is a digital magazine that was founded in 2023 by a group of students from Srinagar, India. It is the world's first AI-based digital magazine. The magazine publishes articles on a wide range of topics, including social, historical, economic, and scientific content. Yemberzal Magazine has a strong focus on the Kashmiri perspective, and it aims to amplify the voices of Kashmiri people. The magazine also publishes articles on global issues, such as climate change and social justice. Yemberzal Magazine is available to read for free on its website, as well as on Magzter, Issuu, and Google News. The magazine's name, Yemberzal, is a Kashmiri word that means "a person who walks on a tightrope." This name reflects the magazine's mission to navigate complex issues and provide a platform for diverse voices. Yemberzal Magazine is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Kashmir and the world around us. It is a well-written and informative magazine that covers a wide range of topics from a unique perspective.
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