Running Behind Materialism; A Sordid Boon

In the present age,  materialism has become the main concern of the man. He earns and spends,  without having any other concern in his mind. The religious books make it clear that the main cause responsible for moral degradation and wars is materialism. However,  man still walks on this path hurriedly,  without looking right or left. His life revolves around the single theme of piling up more and more material.  He wakes up in his sleep to crave for materialism.  He doesn’t sleep so that his hard-earned material is not stolen. 

     This situation is the product of many factors.  Finding solace and comfort in material things has made the man to focus his eyes on it. Bank balance,  cars, houses, property etc., have been  taken as real sources of comfort and ease. A man’s constant fear is that if his material is lost or used, he may lose or die.  Moreover,  he keeps looking at others’ material gains which forces him to walk the same path. Last but not least,  considering that this world is forever,  he wants to gain material wealth as much as he can. 

       The results of this craving are obvious.  Wars,  diseases, anxiety, etc., are the common sights.  People cut other’s throat to snatch his wealth. He wants to dominate over the whole earth.  All the resources of the world must be in the possession of a man, has become the new habit of the man. To get this, he doesn’t hesitate in decimating the beauty of  this  earth in the form of human beings, rivers, mountains, forests, etc. Diseases are on rise. Mental disorders and the future anxieties are on rise. No one is contented with his life. A majority of wealthy are in constant fear what will happen next. What about his material possessions?

     To live a real  life, man must disengage himself from the snares of materialism.  Yes, a man has to live here. But living here doesn’t mean that we must overlook the beauty of this beautiful planet. The perfect bliss provided by nature can not be found in any other thing of the world.  Now, it is up to us to open our eyes and engage ourselves with nature and God. Our relationship with others must be based on humility and empathy.  Earning is the need of the life. However,   earning and spending  are not the only aims of life. 

Written by,

Syed Mustafa Ahmad

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