Keeping Quiet

Keeping Quiet is a poem written by Syed Mustafa Ahmad, a well known student author from the valley of Kashmir.
Keeping quiet has become my new habit.
When people are endlessly talking, I have stopped talking.

All tongues are wagging while no one is listening.
So, it is better to be quiet.

Ideas are discarded while noise is welcomed.
It makes no sense to talk in this atmosphere.

When fools are occupying the highest echelons, it is judicious to remain silent.

I want to learn from an ocean the art of living.
Flowing slowly and never making a noise.

I want to plant the seeds of quietness,
To understand the ripened fruit.

In the world of misunderstandings, I am trying to understand myself.
Now, keeping quiet has become my new habit.

Written by
Syed Mustafa Ahmad

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