Lavishness in our weddings; a burden on society

Let me start this  write-up in simple words. Extravagance means to have reckless usages of edible things, money, or other goods significantly over various functions of life in general and weddings in particular.
In other words, it simply means to spend money or serve  something lavishly over various ceremonies especially on weddings for the maintenance of high status in society. In this modern era, it is unfortunately deemed to be scrumptious event rather than having adverse effects over other people living around them. 

    Modern world is quite replete with enormous things used in our  wedding ceremonies for which a person gets impelled to buy or purchase them,   even though he is poor.  Without these, a wedding organizer is being looked down upon in his   locality by invitees or others  as well. Moreover, it is crystal clear that  extravagance in wedding ceremonies  is exponentially spiraling or mounting day by day rather than decreasing in our societies. It has been a great trend for past couple of years in our  vale  that  has significantly caused so many deaths and unpleasant events of life because of having extreme usage of unnecessary goods or commodities applied in our nuptials. 

It is also pertinent to mention here that there are  countless daughters across the Vale who have crossed their marriage age  owing to  extravagance in weddings.   Apart from this, there are now  other cases  burgeoning such as demands from the patriarchal side that  has significantly left an indelible threat over the minds of girls’  families. Otherwise, a boy isn’t willing to  marry to that  girl until the conditions are not fulfilled.Moreover, it is now apparent that spending lavishly or serving edible things recklessly in our wedding ceremonies have left the lives of other families in lurch. 

      Now, the question arises here who is responsible and accountable for above mentioned things?  In my opinion, all of us  are  responsible for it  due to lack of  the Islamic knowledge,  as Islam  never permits  to have extravagance  in weddings . As it is  said  in the holy Quran that those who constantly get stuck in extravagance are the close friends of devil which always makes their living so miserable and insolvent with the passage of time. 

     In  brief words, there is dire need to stop this  evil practice in our wedding ceremonies as soon as possible. As “charity beings at home” if  we students or educated people act upon  Islamic teachings and make our  parents acquainted with the evil practices of extravagance, then a lot of change can take  place in the alleviation of lavishness in our wedding scenarios existing in our  Valley. We should instill Islamic  knowledge with  wisdom in  our children and college going students so that they  may get themselves saved and stopped extravagance at the earliest. 

Written By,
Bilal Ahmad Sofi

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